On the occasion of the allegations that were made by Kawa Junad in the media in the last few days, we want to emphasize this.

Dalkurd FF is thankful for the contribution from Kawa Junad with regard to the economical support, during the short time in which he has shown interest in contributing to the development of Dalkurd FF, through his company.

As stated from Kawa Junad’s allegations in the media, he has misinterpreted his role as an investor and minority owner of Dalkurd Inc.

The majority owner of Dalkurd Inc. is the non-profit association Dalkurd FF, in accordance with the so-called 51 percent rule.

Dalkurd FF is being controlled by association democracy whereby the utmost right of decision belongs to the members of Dalkurd FF at the annual meeting. It is the members of Dalkurd FF, that is to say the fans of Dalkurd FF and the enthusiasts of Dalkurd FF, who have chosen the board of Dalkurd FF and it is the board of Dalkurd FF who have to make sure that a qualified board is being appointed in Dalkurd Inc. through the association’s majority ownership in Dalkurd Inc.

During a period of time, Kawa Junad has made demands to Dalkurd FF, that they should hand over all of the right of decision in Dalkurd Inc. to him and that he, alone, shall get to appoint the board of Dalkurd Inc. To Dalkurd FF, this is of course out of the question. The future of Dalkurd FF is ruled by its members. It is those fans and enthusiasts who have embarked both time and money, who are representing the soul of Dalkurd FF and which through the membership decide on the future of Dalkurd.

Irrespective of the demands from an investor with substantial funds, the board of Dalkurd FF will never compromise on the principles, the right of decision of the members, the by-laws of The Swedish Sports Confederation or Swedish freedom of association.