During the summer, there have been disagreements between Dalkurd FF and its main sponsor and minority shareholder Kawa Junad regarding how the club should be run. This has resulted into a tough economical situation for the club and when the transfer window opened in the summer, several changes were made in the squad and also in the organization.

At August 19, the chairman of Dalkurd, Ramazan Kizil and sports director Adil Kizil met with the main sponsor and minority shareholder Kawa Junad in Helsingborg. After the meeting, both parties came to an agreement to end the ongoing collaboration in a friendly and respectful way and at the same time open the door for a possible collaboration in the future. They also agreed to put the old behind them and to look over future possibilities for a collaboration.

Dalkurd wants to point out that a good dialogue is being held with Kawa Junad and that negotiations are ongoing to continue the collaboration but under other circumstances. Once again Dalkurd want to clarify that we are extremely thankful for the help from Kawa Junad, despite there have been disagreements in the past.

We are convinced that both parties will get out of this strongly and that we search ways for a stronger collaboration and a better dialogue which will favour both parties.

Dalkurd FF also wants to apologize to its fans worldwide because of the lack of detailed information through our official channels. But due to the circumstances we haven’t been able to give this information until now. Previously there have been speculation and information from unofficial sources, which haven’t given an accurate view of the situation.

Both Dalkurd FF and Kawa Junad agrees to leave the differences of opinions, which have arisen, behind us. Dalkurd FF and Kawa Junad also agrees that we, together with the fans, needs to get together and support the team in both success and in misfortune.

Beneath there is a personal message from Kawa Junad.