When the club started in 2004, it was a direct result of the “messy living” of a number of teenagers. Dalkurd FF was meant to be an alternative to that and a possibility for a better future. The social responsibility component has been Dalkurd´s priority from the beginning, and it has followed the team since it started.

The most noted project was a charity project in support of earthquake victims in the Kurdish city of Van , which was held on November 6th, 2011. There and then, at Skytteholms IP in Stockholm, Dalkurd met a team consisting of TV profiles and Allsvenska stars.

Social responsibilty is a duty, a work, and an ongoing goal at Dalkurd FF. There are organizations that work with a social responsibilty – Dalkurd was born with a social responsibilty.


Few people noticed when Dalkurd FF, during its debut season, won the 6th division. But when they just as quickly broke through 5th, 4th and 3rd division, people started to wonder: who are they? How long is this rocket journey going to continue?

Dalkurd FF continued to win the leagues every year until 1st division, where they stayed for five years. This is a journey that no one in Sweden has ever made, and all this has only been possible thanks to the motto, “full speed ahead!”, which represents the team’s vision every time it takes the pitch.

There is a sporting effort in the club to never aim for anything other than winning the league, and to always stand for a brand of football that isn’t afraid to go on the offensive, and that audiences love to cheer for. Our goal is that every player will have his thoughts on the pitch, but his heart turned towards the audience.


For many adolescents and their parents Dalkurd becomes an important part in integration into Swedish society. Through Dalkurd they meet other parents with the same or different backgrounds. Practices, games and activities around the association become a meeting point and an opportunity to get into the society.

This is why Dalkurd plays an important social role, which we make a priority.  One part of our work is the effort we make for our girls’ and women’s team, which has gathered players from widely diverse cultures, from the four corners of the earth.  This wouldn’t have been possible without Dalkurd.


Since the start in 2004 there are few clubs which have atrracted attention as widely as Dalkurd FF. The concept of bringing together elite football, integration and social responsibility are the reasons for this interest.

The news outlets Aftonbladet, Dagens Nyheter, SVT, and Svenska Dagbladet have highlighted the club’s success and made documentaries about Dalkurd. In addition, Dalkurd has appeared both in the pages of Expressen (for rescue in Wan), and on TV4.

The interest in Dalkurd is large. Dalkurd FF’s fanpage on Facebook (by the name of “Dalkurd Supporter”) had more than 14 000 members on the 4th of April 2012. At the time of this writing, the amount of members are 1.3 million members (the 9th of March 2016). This is more members than the majority of clubs in Allsvenskan.


We will never be satisfied and will continue to develop. Our vision is not to keep going at the current level. We want to grow in every way possible. We have a dream and a vision to be one of Sweden´s leading clubs — not only in terms of football, but also in social vision.