We want you to contact us the day before the game at the latest, to cihan.dalaba@dalkurd.se. The information you need to give us is name and which media company you are representing.

To be able to get an accreditation to the games of Dalkurd FF, you need to fulfill the requirements which Dalkurd FF has set up for the season.

The following people have the right to acquire an accreditation:
• Sports journalists with a valid press ID issued by The Swedish Journalists Association
• Sports journalists with a valid AIPS card
• Other journalists after notification from the media company that you are representing
• Beyond this, Dalkurd FF can approve an accreditation after an individual examination

Practical information

• The press entrance is on the backside of Gavlevallen (The same side as Gunder Hägg Stadium). Accreditation badges and photo vests are handed out to you after identification. All badges and vests are being returned after the game, either in the press room at the press conference or at the press entrance.

• All journalists and photographs shall wear their obtained media badge visible to everyone. Photographs shall also wear the obtained vest.

• Parking for working press is available behind Gavlevallen (The same side as Gunder Hägg Stadium). Parking permit is received by the guard at the entrance.

Press room
The press rooms at Gavlevallen is placed on the backside of Gavlevallen. The press box offers wireless internet and is intended to journalists on duty.

Press conference
The press conference after game starts approx. 15 minutes after the final whistle, in the press room at Gavlevallen, which is available on the right side at the players entrance. The players and coaches of Dalkurd FF are available after the press conference is ended.