Ljungskile – Dalkurd was the first game of the fifth round of Superettan. Dalkurd, who had won their last two games, delivered a pale effort against Ljungskile who had many injuries. At this game, the players of Ljungskile were hungrier for victory.

Back in to Dalkurds squad were both Randelovic and Jagne. Many hoped that Dalkurd would be able to win a third game and go up in the league. Instead they were up for a rude awakening in the 2th minute of the game after sloppiness in the Dalkurd midfield. Ljungskiles Tornblad could pick the ball up after a bad pass from Randelovic and had clear shot to make it 1-0 for the fome side. After the goal Dalkurd tried to play through the bad pitch but never came close to Ljungskiles box. Instead it was Ljungskile who had the most threats and went into halftime with 7 finishes against the goal. While Dalkurd only had one.
“We were not good enough in the first half and that’s why we lost the game” Said Captain Rawez Lawan after the game.
In the second half Dalkurd started to get more into the game. But it wasn’t before Leo PllanA came in and the attacking play could really take off. Pllana was an everlasting threat and delivered a header who, with a bit more luck, would have given Dalkurd the equalizer. In the last 30 minutes of the game Dalkurd pressed hard and many thought that the equalizer would come. No other than Pllana came close with another header but Ljungskiles keeper, Strömberg, delivered the save of the season and denied Pllana once again.
Ljungskile won their first game of the season at home.
“I don’t know what happen, I thought we had equalized but the referee would not give us the goal.” Said a disappointed Pllana after the game.
After that defeat Dalkurd went down to a 10th place in a tight league. Next game is at home against Gais.
“We will learn from this game and will be hungry for revenge on Sunday against Gais, I’m already looking forward to it” Said Rawez Lawan.

Kick off 15:00 Domnarsvallen. Welcome!