We had to wait to the final minutes before Dalkurd could secure another 3 points and this time against last-place Syrianska. The hero was once again Leonard Pllana who scored the winner in the final minute.

The game was seen by 5 197 people at Södertälje Arena in an almost festivity feeling in the stands that created a brilliant atmosphere to dramatic game. The game started in a classic Dalkurd manor with a lot of possession and pressing forward. Syrianska were solid at the defense and stopped Dalkurd from creating any clear chances. Instead it was Syrianska who took the advantage with several counter-attacks witch led to some dangerous moments. Syrianska took the lead in 30th minute from a long shot delivered by Success Nwosu. The goal struck a blow in to Dalkurds momentum and who couldn’t get it back against a solid Syrianska. The first half ended with a lead to Syrianska.

The second half started the same for Dalkurd but this time they had more urgency in their ball movement and as seen before when that happens Dalkurd are more dangerous. After some fine interplay between Kerkich and Awad, it was Henrik Löfkvist handed the ball that could beautifully place the ball behind a chanceless Syrianska keeper, Dejan Garaca. The goal was fair after hard Dalkurd pressure that started to get a tighter grip around the game. The Dalkurd players managed with their aggressive pressing force Syrianska into mistakes, which had a hard time establishing any sort of play. But Syrianska tried to go for the winner and had some chances but the match looked to end in a draw. But Dalkurd wanted differently today. In the 92th minute of the game during the third straight corner Leonard Pllana handed the chance to score and he took it, striking the ball in the top right corner. Great joy broke out in Södertälje Arena and the Dalkurd fans celebrated long after the final whistle.

“I’m so happy for this victory and that I could help my team to win. The coach said to me, get in and score, right before I came on and that was what I did. I love our fans I want to thank them for all of the support today” Said todays hero Leonard Pllana.

That victory enables Dalkurd to stick with the top, while the league splits even more. Sirius dropped points this week and we are now sharing the qualifying spot to Allsvenskan with them, but they have better goal difference. Next game is in Gothenburg were we are facing Örgryte.

We welcome all to support the team!