To be involved in social projects , such as to actively be involved in the future of young people but also in social problems around the world permeates the whole activity within the organization. The primary objective of Dalkurd was to support and engage young people who were at risk of various forms of marginalization.


For the past three years Dalkurd FF has had a social committee connected to the Board. The social component  of our activities has evolved over the years, and today consists of several members who are representatives from housing , social services, outpatient care , first-team players, and others who in various ways come into contact with young people at risk.

maria kristina tommy2 dammen2 ramazan
The Social committee consists of Maria Ahlnander, Kristina Svensson, Tommy Hvenström, Christer Damm and Ramazan Kizil.

Maria Ahlnander, 50. Maria previously worked, for many years, with individual and organizational development. Today, she is stationed at M Ahlnander AB. She has been a member of the Committee since autumn 2014, where she helps with education and boosting.
Belonging the Social Committee is a way for me to contribute to Borlänge’s community programs.  To be able to contribute to people’s personal growth through Dalkurd ‘s social committee feels like a privilege, says Maria. 

Kristina Svensson, 55. Youth worker. 
Dalkurd FF will always have a place in my heart. It’s so fun to be part of the social committee and Dalkurd FF, says Kristina.

Tommy Hvenström, 65.
Tommy has worked with young people for over 40 years in Borlänge Municipality and Tunabyggen.

Christer Damm, 66.
Social worker. Christer has worked with people – and especially young people – for about 40 years. Christer has been involved in Dalkurd FF for five years.
I thank Brwa Nouri who made me understand that Dalkurd is an organization that has a big heart, and where everyone is worth getting a second chance, says Christer.

Ramazan Kizil (Muxtar), 58. Self-employed, responsible for staff and marketing for five smaller companies. Ramazan was one of the enthusiasts who started the club in 2004.
When people need help, you help — that is everyone’s task, says Ramazan, who is also the chairman of the club.

Missing is the captain Peshraw Azizi.



We have “night walks” in heavily congested neighborhoods. Dalkurd FF has been able to see that this has been a successful way to reach adults and adolescents.  An opportunity to initiate further contact in a more structured way. We have first-team players who have been and are involved in schools. Previously we have been in Maserskolan (secondary school in Borlänge).


Today we have players who are involved in the IM program at Hushagsgymnasiet (upper secondary school). The objective here is to occupy young people with various activities, with the help of two first-team players . The goal is to get young people to find their own hobbies. Midroc is one of the companies supporting the project.

During the summer of 2014 a municipal HVB accommodation for unaccompanied refugee children opened in Borlänge. Once a week, for two hours, we offer organized soccer practice for these young people. The training site has been assigned to Dalkurd´s pitch. We also have tournaments during the school holidays, etc.

Since the autumn of ’15 we have had a girls’ group at the IM program, which meets once a week. It consists of about 11 girls. This is a collaborative project with Verdandi. ABF and BK Masen (Boxing club) have also been involved.


In addition to the first-team, we have about 200 children aged 7-19 years. We actively participate in socially engaged activities, advocating the importance of good health and friendship both on and off the field. Dalkurd is also working to start up an academy.



Dalkurd also has a dance group for girls in grades 7-9. The girls meet and have classes in Kurdish dance once a week. The group aims high and the goal is to perform at different events. Today we have 15 girls of different nationalities who participate. They are led by two committed dance teachers.